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Baseball Age

"Baseball age" key

A Player’s “baseball age” is determined based on his or her age on May 1st each year.  The 'U' stands for "and under".   The "baseball year" is determined by the various tournament and governing bodies of youth baseball.  Local associations follow their lead. 

To protect the safety of our players, players are not permitted to play above their “Baseball Age” without prior approval by the League Commissioner and exceptions are rarely granted.  Some of the baseball governing bodies are incorporating grade eligibility into their rules.  For the DYB Recreation, Premier and All Star Programs we will adhere to age rules only putting player safety first.

For the DYB Select Program it is at the coach's discretion based on the tournament rules they will have to abide by as to whether or not to take players based on grade. 

The process to have your player considered for play above his baseball age is to register for the appropriate league then contact your league commissioner asking that your player be evaluated to play with older players.