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Rainouts and Policy

Weather Challenges

Bad weather make-up policy:

  • Every season we plan weather challenges into our scheduling.  It is SBA/DYB policy to allow for 2 "rainout" games per season.  For example, in the spring we generally schedule 12 games but won't makeup games unless we drop below a 10 game season per team. If we have no rain outs, everyone will play 12 games.

The City of Southlake controls field availability and generally updates field status as follows:

  • Weekdays approximately 4:00 PM
  • Saturday's approximately 8:00 AM
  • Sunday's approximately 12:00 noon

Please check field status on The City of Southlake Park and Recreation web site or call their weather hot line.  This information is always on the main page of our web site.

If weather moves in during play:

  • The coaches, umpires and DYB board member on field duty will consult regarding starting new games, continuing play or resuming delayed games.  Our main concern is for the safety of our players, our DYB families and spectators.
  • Should the lightning detectors sound at any field EVERYONE must leave the fields and wait for the all clear in the parking lot, preferably in your vehicles.  The all clear is a series of 3 loud beeps in sequence.
  • Depending on the remaining schedule if a game has been delayed more than 30 minutes play may be stopped.  This is to attempt to keep remaining games on schedule.
  • If fields were open and the games are cancelled, we will attempt to contact everyone via email and through your coaches. 

Reschedule Process:

Rained out games may be rescheduled in the order in which they were rained out by the league scheduler at the earliest available time. The scheduler shall notify both involved managers when he/she determines the date and time of the game. Schedulers will consider the number of games per week played by each team in rescheduling the games.