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DYB - Southlake Dragon Select Program

Our Southlake Dragon Select Baseball Program offers players ages 8 to 18, three levels of competitive select baseball:

AA, AAA and Major. The DYB aims to provide players a platform to improve and progress through the advancing levels of select baseball and into high school competition.

Our mission is to create a consistent, competitive and positive learning environment where players can push each other through hard work and motivation to become a better baseball player.  We believe in pushing teammates to be better, picking them up when they are down, and always believing in yourself.  By putting our young baseball players in competitive situations, we help them develop their character which will benefit them not only in baseball, but in life.  Our training goals mix qualified and vetted community volunteer coaches with professional instruction aligned with the Dragon Tradition and individual performance goals. 

DYB forms Select rosters in the summer and spring.  This is done to accommodate players moving into or out of Southlake or for roster adjustments based on individual player development or team chemistry.  If you would like information regarding possible roster slots please contact our Select Program Director using the link on this page.

Select Rules

Select Payment

Please submit your select program contributions by clicking the image or using this link:  <<  Click Here  >>

Select Program Director

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Southlake Dragon Select Baseball

  • DYB proudly partners with the CISD Dragon Baseball Program offering tight integration with their teachings and philosophy.
  • Our Select program focuses on Southlake Players as a priority when forming teams.
  • Select baseball is a highly competitive level of competition designed for the most dedicated and serious baseball players.
  • Select teams will interlock with other Association Select teams in the North DFW Metro area through the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA) League.
  • TEBA is a non-profit organization made up of surround city baseball associations whose objective is to provide competitive community based baseball in North Texas. TEBA offers competitive baseball for Major, AAA and AA division level of baseball.
  • Select coaches, parents and players will be expected to have a very high level of commitment to the team and will be required to sign a contract.
  • Select baseball has a rigorous schedule of regular and post season tournaments. Fall schedules vary but spring teams can expect to play between 30-60 games depending on the team.  Travel is expected with Select teams and only a fraction of the games will be played at Bicentennial Park. Many games/tournaments will be played at various parks in the DFW Metro area. Also, tournament play could require travel to areas beyond the Metroplex and/or the State of Texas.
  • All practices are held at Southlake fields
  • Competitive teams at each Select Level and graduating Player Development process as preparation for High School baseball
  • Equitable player selection process
  • Quality Coaches

DYB Program Format and Player Commitment

2018-2019 Select Coaches

  • Phillip Odette - 8U Southlake Dragons - Odette
  • Mike Sherrill - 9U Southlake Dragons - Sherrill
  • Austin Cranford - 9U Southlake Dragons - Cranford
  • Jim Kuhn - 10U Southlake Dragons - Kuhn
  • Tucker Oneal  - 11U Southlake Dragons - Oneal
  • Russell Starr  - 11U Southlake Dragons - Starr
  • Mike Martin - 11U Southlake Dragons - Martin
  • John Byler  - 12U Southlake Dragons - Byler
  • Jimmy Fechter  - 12U Southlake Dragons - Fechter
  • Matt Miller  - 12U Southlake Dragons - Miller
  • Glenn Story  - 13U Southlake Dragons - Story
  • Mike Odell - 14U Southlake Dragons - Odell 
  • Tim Wright  - 14U Southlake Dragons - Wright
  • Scott Smith  - 14U Southlake Dragons - Smith