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League information and levels of play

What levels of play are offered?

The Southlake Baseball Association offers multiple programs and levels of play for children ages 4 to 17.  Our leagues provide opportunities for both beginners and advanced players.  The Programs offered are:

  • Recreational - beginner to advanced
  • Premier - advanced with local travel
  • All Stars - advanced summer tournaments
  • Select/Club - advanced tournament play

Where possible based on participation numbers we play "age pure" which means each league is comprised of players of the same age or younger e.g. 9U is 9 and under.  Please see our baseball age key for more information.

Recreation and Premier Teams:

  • Teams are formed by draft
  • All players are drafted and placed on teams
  • Player evaluations are held prior to the draft to assist in balancing the league
  • Coaches are allowed to freeze players at the draft (see draft rules)
  • We do not allow bring your own team

Select Teams:

  • Formed in August
  • Tryouts (Summer and potentially Spring as needed)
  • Fall and spring/summer seasons


A child’s “baseball age” is determined based on his or her age on May 1st-April 30th each year.  Players are not permitted to play above or below their “Baseball Age” without prior approval by the League Commissioner.    If you wish to pursue approval for a different league please attend the correct coach look based on the player’s baseball age and discuss it with the commissioner.  Please keep in mind that this determination is based on player safety and exceptions are rare.

The official Age Key can be found on our FAQ page under Baseball Age.  DYB follows "traditional" ages and is not an "and under" association.

Based on your child's Baseball Age, he/she will be in one of the following leagues (the U stands for and Under)