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Rules and Exceptions

Please download the rules for our Recreation and Premier Programs below.  In addition to DYB rules, Premier teams are also governed by Interlock Rules agreed upon by participating Associations.  DYB has created rules to promote player growth, understanding of baseball and safety.  The rules allow for the addition of baseball strategies with age e.g. leads, pickoffs, steals, drop 3rd strike, etc.

ALL RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Failure to adhere to DYB rules may result in a coach being asked to leave a game, practice or permanent removal depending on the situation.  The DYB Board of Directors reviews all reported rules infractions.   

For our All Star and Select programs, these teams play in tournaments and are governed by the tournaments they participate in e.g. USSSA, Travel Sports, ASE, etc.

DYB Recreation and Premier Rules

Premier - Interlock Rules