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Effective immediately Dragon Youth Baseball is changing from the current PONY baseball league format:  Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang, etc. into the more common “And Under” format e.g. 6U, 7U, 8U, etc. for all leagues dropping PONY designations.  Additionally, there will be some rule modifications accompanying these changes to better promote appropriate skill growth for all players. 

We are also modifying DYB Program names to more appropriately depict their designed goals:

  • Recreation Program (formerly Cactus): continues to focus on development of beginning to intermediate players.  The Program's focus is to introduce baseball to all players, focus on core skill development, foundational baseball rules and exposure to multiple positions.  Coaches promote a learning environment and are bound by the DYB rules regarding player positioning allowing players to learn multiple positions.
    • All games are played at Bicentennial Park against other Dragon Youth Baseball teams.  Teams can expect to play 1-2 games per week with 1-2, 60-90 minute practices in Southlake. 
    • We expect that 70-80% of our players will continue to participate in this program.


  • Premier Program (formerly Grapefruit): continues to focus on intermediate to advanced players.  The Premier Program builds on the fundamentals learned in the Recreational Program with a focus on advanced core skills and baseball rules and strategy.  Coaches promote a learning environment and are bound by the DYB rules regarding player positioning allowing players to learn multiple positions.
    • Premier teams are local travel teams playing half of their games at locations other than Bicentennial Park such as Grapevine, Coppell, Colleyville, Keller, Trophy Club, etc.  These teams can expect to play 1-2 games per week, generally doubleheader format with 1-2, 90-120 minute practices in Southlake.  *note:  DYB provides the same number of practice options for Recreation and Premier programs however Premier teams often find alternative options for additional repetitions.
    • We expect that 20% of our players will continue to participate in this program.
  • Summer All Star Program:  remains unchanged and is focused on introduction to tournament play.  The season runs from mid-May through the end of June with 4-5 tournaments.  Each tournament teams play 2 pool games then on Sunday single elimination (up to 4 games).  Coaches are required to promote a learning environment focused on advanced skills and baseball strategies.  They are not required to rotate players during All Star competition. 
    • We expect that 15% of our players will continue to participate in this program.

New league breakdown, distances remain the same:

  • 4U - BlastBall format (recreation only)
  • 5U - tee ball (recreation only)
  • 6U - tee ball (recreation and premier)
  • 7U - coach pitch 60' bases (recreation and premier)
  • 8U - coach pitch 60' bases (recreation and premier)
  • 9U - 46' pitching 65' bases (recreation and premier)
  • 10U - 46' pitching 65' bases (recreation and premier)
  • 12U -  ages 11 and 12 - 50' pitching 70' bases (recreation and premier)
  • 14U - ages 13-14 54' pitching 80' bases (premier only)
  • 18U - ages 15-18 60'6" pitching 90' bases (premier only)

Please see our FAQ and rules pages for complete details regarding your league. 

What is the SBA/DYB?

The Southlake Baseball Association ("SBA") - d/b/a Dragon Youth Baseball ("DYB") is an ALL VOLUNTEER, non-profit organization committed to providing our area's youth with a positive and rewarding baseball experience.   As a non-profit organization, though, we are continually in need of coaching, financial (team sponsorships) and volunteer (administrative help) assistance. If you are interested in assisting us help Southlake youth please contact us via email:

What if my child has never played baseball before?

It is not necessary to have played baseball prior to joining an SBA league.  We have beginners join and start playing baseball at all ages.  BlastBall, Shetland Introductory, Pinto Texas-Cactus and Mustang Texas-Cactus are all leagues designed to introduce a child to the game of baseball.

All of our leagues including the Advanced and Grapefruit Divisions require coaches to rotate players in the infield and outfield and to bat the team’s entire roster.  This allows each player the opportunity to play multiple positions and to have multiple at bats during each game.  Therefore, a beginner is not relegated to the bench or one position.

Can my player play up or down a league?

Based on baseball age players are placed into the appropriate Pony league.  In RARE cases players can receive an exception to play up or down a league if it will impact the players or their teammate’s safety. DYB strives for fair and competitive play in all leagues with the safety of our players as our first concern.  In order to be considered for an alternate league the player MUST attend coach look for evaluation.  The league commissioners of both leagues in question will confer to render a decision in the best interest of our players.  The commissioner’s decision is final. 

How are teams selected? Can I make specific requests?

Under DYB rules recreational leagues are required to utilize a draft process for team selection.  As a result, no requests for players playing with each other or for a specific coach are accepted with the exception of BlastBall.

Please email the BlastBall commissioner with any request to combine players on one team or to register as a team.

For all Divisions, you may specifically request that siblings play on the same team, if the siblings’ ages allow them to play in the same Division.  Space is provided on the registration form to note your request to have siblings play together (or not).

As described below, coaches will be selected following Player Evaluations and teams will be drafted usually within two weeks of this date.  Following the draft, your coach will contact you (usually by email) shortly thereafter with team information including practice times and the game schedule.

All other concerns and/or requests should be directed to the appropriate League Commissioner through his email listed on this site.

The Southlake Baseball Association attempts to keep team rosters to ten or eleven players to maximize the playing time for each participant.  Therefore, it is important that players attend scheduled games and practices.  Please consider potential conflicts with other activities or religious issues that might impact your child’s ability to participate in all scheduled games. 

Should I play in the Fall or Spring Season?

DYB offers Fall and Spring recreational baseball seasons.  Other than the End of Season Spring Tournament there is no difference.  However, since many players play other sports in the Fall there are fewer teams.

Do players receive trophies?

In the fall, the only division that receives trophies is BlastBall.

In spring, the SBA provides trophies to all BlastBall and Shetland players and to players on the winning and runner-up teams in the Pinto and Mustang season ending tournaments.

The Dragon Youth Baseball Complex is located at Bicentennial Park:  476 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092

Other Field Locations

Field Address Location Rainout Line
Oak Grove Park 2520 Oak Grove Loop South, Grapevine, TX 76051 Click Here 817-329-5505
Bakersfield Park 201 Duncan, Flower Mound, TX 75028 Click Here 972-738-9898
Wagon Wheel Park 345 Freeport Pkwy, Coppell, TX 75019 Click Here 972-745-2978
MacArthur Park 400 S MacArthur Blvd, Coppell, Dallas, Texas 75019 Click Here 972-745-2978
Colleyville City Park 5200 Bransford Road, Colleyville, TX 76034 Click Here 817-416-2255
Keller Sports Complex 200 Sports Parkway, Keller, TX 76248 Click Here 817-731-8592
Five Star Complex 4100 Blair Oaks Drive, The Colony, TX 75056 Click Here Click Here